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Every project begins with an initial consultayion between the potential client and designer from Canopy Design Studios to discuss the clients vision for the project focusing on key objectives, stylistic prefereneces and lifestyle. From this meeting a detailed design proposal outlining the project's scope, budget and timeline is presented.

Schematic Design

During this first phase of design a site analysis is conducted to analyze site conditions and key features. From this a base map is drawn up either from the Owners site survey or from Canopy taking measurements.

After this document is prepared, hand-drawn concepts are completed showing key features, circulation, hardscape and general planting ideas. These concepts are reviewed and refined to develop a final Schematic Design to base the project off of. 

Design Development


During the next phase of design the hand drawn concepts are translated into design software and further refined. The planting plan is developed and precise calculations of site improvements are preformed. These drawings serve as the base for construction drawings.

Irrigation, Lighting, Construction Details and a Layout Plan are also completed at the end of this phase providing the owner with a complete set of drawings that can serve as the basis for bidding and construction.

Construction Drawings


If necessary for the project, permitting and construction drawings can be drawn up. These drawings comply with all city codes and provide more detail. 

Canopy is also happy assist on-site during construction to ensure quality and layout. Additional services also include quality plant selection at the nursety and competitive plant sourcing and delivery. 

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